Our Vision - make Your dream come true

Thriving business and life are about choosing and making the right decisions at the right time with the right people. We are able to assist you to make the right decisions with our unique intelligence. Furthermore, we will provide the strategies and solutions you need to achieve your goals. Your future and happiness are in your hands. Together, let's do it!

Our Best Coach

At Top Business and Life Coaching, you will meet our best coach, Sophia Sun. 

Sophia is a solution provider. She has been well educated and traveled with rich business, career and life experience. She is the third generation with unique intuitive intelligence and idea generating talents. Sophia was born in Beijing where she has inherited her grandfather and mother’s intuitive intelligence. Over the last a couple of decades, she has studied and worked in many cities across a variety of industries globally. However, Sophia always calls New Zealand home. Sophia is humble in nature but is highly motivated in seeking the best results for her clients with her unique techniques and solutions.

Her specialties cover a broad range of fields, from innovation to strategy; from business to investment; from branding to marketing; from landscaping to engineering; from interior design to fashion; from business mentoring to crossed cultural strategies; from nutrition to wellbeing; from partnerships to family relationships; from work politics to game changing; from philosophy to psychology; from education to profession; from painting to contemporary art; from future business communicator to public speaker etc. 


Balanced Experience

Sophia is a very friendly, curious and an interesting person to work with. These qualities are evident in her extensive education and business experience.

Sophia has a couple of bachelor and master degrees and more than a dozen qualifications in accounting, investment, capital market, law, taxation, teaching, public speaking, nutrition, mental health, naturopath, fashion and design etc. These qualifications were earned in Beijing, California, Sydney, Auckland and Brisbane. Sophia’s working career mainly spans China, Australia and New Zealand. Sophia spent her younger years working at different high profile corporations with IPOs and Venture Capitals and later in her career she scaled up her fields by undertaking research and development of the 4D Braining Programme. Now this programme contains more than hundred business and marketing modules and it becomes the foundation of her coaching services. She has strong passion and motivation at lifting her clients' businesses and lives. She is an expert at delivering outstanding results to her clients through her unique intelligence.


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