Welcome to our Coaching Service,

Our unique coaching approach and intuitive intelligence enable you to gain an advantage in preparing for any challenges and opportunities in your business, career or life journey.

With our 4-Dimensional Braining (4DB) Programme, we are able to assess your energy flow, strengths and potentials from the moment we first meet. We will work together with you to visualise the “bigger picture” from various perspectives. Moving on from our initial consultation we will discuss aspirations, perceived needs and goals.  

We will provide you with customised strategies and equip you all the tools and solutions that you need in your journey with us. You will also get motivated and stimulated for your business, career and life session by session. Our philosophy is that life is short and you deserve success in the areas we work together through our unique strategies and solutions.


For Business, Career, Life and Relationship

We recommend you to have a weekly session with us in the first three months and then move on to fortnightly sessions afterwards. This schedule will provide you with an opportunity to have your strategies re-adjusted in accordance with the changes that occur in your business, your career or your life. Those adjustments are essential for you especially in pivotal decision making situations.

We also encourage you to bring photos of your close friends, colleagues, family members or others whom you meet often. We apply our unique capability to diagnose the flow directions between those people and you, and refine the strategies for you.

After an initial consultation, we will provide you practical and customised strategies and solutions through the following sessions in order to build up a bridge to reach your goals. 


Our office is based in Auckland. 

If you are located within New Zealand (but outside of Auckland), we will arrange a suitable time and place for the first session. We encourage our clients to take an advantage of our unique intelligence by having the first consultation with us in person.

Our services are also available internationally, additional travel cost may incur. 

Consultations via video conference tools are also available on request.

Coaching Service is designed for one hour per session. The rate for one session is NZ$900.

The initial session is 1.5 hours (including a complimentary 30 minutes assessment).


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