Welcome to our Mentoring Service,

Our unique mentoring approach and intuitive intelligence enable you to gain an advantage in steering a course in the right direction and empowering your aspiration and confidence from the beginning.

With our 4-Dimensional Braining (4DB) Programme, we foresee your strengths, potentials and capabilities, and provide you with step by step strategies to enhance your personal growth. It is not uncommon to have high achievements compared to your peers after having regular sessions with us.

We encourage you to bring a photo of someone who you look up to and briefly outline where you want to be in the next five years, second five years, third five years and so on. We will give you an overall assessment and recommendations towards achieving your goals with our unique intelligence.


For Passion, Motivation, Ambition and Charisma

We recommend you to have a weekly session with us in the first six months and then move on to fortnightly sessions afterwards. With this schedule, we are able to adjust the strategies immediately with respect to the changes in your business, your career, your study or your life.

We always say that getting the right mentor from the beginning is invaluable in your long journey of life. We share our unique power with you, guide you to climb your career ladder faster, boost your business and stimulate your personal growth.


Our office is based in Auckland. 

If you are located within New Zealand (but outside of Auckland), we will arrange a suitable time and place for the first session. We encourage our clients to take an advantage of our unique intelligence by having the first consultation with us in person.

Our services are also available internationally, additional travel cost may incur. 

Consultations via video conference tools are also available on request.

Mentoring Service is designed for one hour per session. The rate for one session is NZ$600.

The initial session is 1.5 hours (including a complimentary 30 minutes assessment).


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